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Two photographers that you need to follow right now

8 November, 2018 1 min reading

Two photographers that you need to follow right now

This article is about amazing artists who can capture the best angle of a building, especially the historical ones, and is dedicated to people who love to appreciate this type of art. We are going to introduce you two fantastic photographers that can make magic with historical structures in their photos. Are you curious about that? Then you need to follow them and get to know their fantastic work.


José Campos Photography

José Campos was born in 1981, in Porto and graduated in architecture as well as in graphic design, and since 2006 he’s an architectural photographer. His work has already been released in Portugal and a bit all over the world. Nowadays José Campos is one of the most popular architectural Portuguese photographers, having a vast portfolio of photographs from France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and England, among others. His photographic realism reflects the reality of the life that he wants to convey in his architonic photographs. His bigger goal is showing the beauty of the small details or the magnificence of huge buildings.


Roland Halbe

Roland Halbe studied photography at IED in Cagliari and since 1988 he’s an german architectural photographer freelancer. Halbe started photographing commercial architecture and quickly became one of the most recognized architectural photographers.  He was the cofounder of Artur Images Library in 1995, which is an online archive of architectural and interior images, representing more than 200 photographers from all over the world including himself. He likes to document the reality that man has built. He is fascinated by geometric forms and symmetries, contexts and people.