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5 Funny Facts About the Tower of Pisa

4 November, 2018 2 min reading

5 Funny Facts About the Tower of Pisa

5. 176 Years!

The construction begun in 1174 and it was completed only around in 1350. The city-state of pisa was involved in several costly wars and that is the reason for the delay.


4. It’s not the only leaning tower in Pisa

Due to the soft subsoil of the entire area, there are many leaning towers of Pisa.


3. Leaned in multiple directions

When construction began again in the 13th century, engineers started building straight upwards to stop the tilt, but the center of gravity was already misplaced and the tower simply began to lean in a different direction.


2. Why the Tower leans?

One possibility is: The soil and subsoil of clay, sand and shells are weak and unstable.

All of that, combined with what may have been a faulty foundation with three meters , probably caused the inclination. The leaning increased over time at various rates. The Tower has leaned at different degrees through the years.


1. Interesting imbalances

The tower of Pisa was supposed to be 60 meters tall (196.85 feet). The highest side of the tower reaches a mere 56.67 meters (186 ft), while the lowest side is 55.86m (183 ft).

By 1990 the tower had reached a tilt of 5.5 degrees – nearly 15 feet from its base and enough to topple it over by most calculations!