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7 Funny Facts About the Egyptian Pyramids

8 November, 2018 3 min reading

7 Funny Facts About the Egyptian Pyramids

7. Stones that weighed more than elephants

The pyramid’s stones weigh between 2-70 tons per piece. Can you imagine how it worked in a time with no advanced machinery? Without  cranes or forklifts, the poor Egyptians raised these pyramids all by themselves! They should have been very very strong people.

6. A total of 138 pyramids

The most famous Egyptian pyramids are the three Giza pyramids, but there are more 135 pyramids that have been discovered in Ancient Egypt. They aren’t so much known, but still important, right? We want to know all of them!

5. 140 metres (459 ft)

Until the year of 1311 when  the Lincoln Cathedral was built in England, the Great Pyramid of Giza held the title of the world’s tallest man-made structure with the approximate height of a 48 storey building. Nowadays the construction of a large building, with the help of machinery takes about 36 months. At that time 10,000 men took 20 years to build the pyramid!

4. The oldest wonder in the world

Built between the years 2584–2561 a.C. the Pyramid of Khufu, also called the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest Seven Wonders of the World. Despite the time corrosion the construction remains almost unchanged. Its revetment was in polished limestone but it was all stolen over the time… 4,000 years ago it was so beautiful and polished that it reflected the light of the sun.

3. Alignment with The Orion

Some Egyptologists say that the enormous size of the pyramids was made according to the exaggerated ego of three Egyptian kings, and also believe that the exact alignment line with the three stars of Orion belt it was no accident. Every detail and size was made from a planned design making the three pyramids an exact copy of the stars Delta Orionis, Epsilon, Zeta, which makes up the Orion Belt.


2. Anti earthquake and overheating

Without academic training the Egyptian engineers at the time, constructed these pyramids in order to survive earthquakes and high temperatures, in this way they ensured the preservation of the of mummies.

1. Buried with gold

Egyptians believed that Egypt was the best place God could have created for any human to live. They believed that once a person died, he/she enters a similar beautiful place world like Egypt. They believed that the dead person might need things just like when they were alive, so the bodies were buried with their necessities. In the case of Egyptians kings, they used to bury gold and other valuable things with the body.