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Being a SAHC student

8 April, 2021 2 min reading
Tatiana Larionova, Assistant Project Manager at Гипрошахт

Being a SAHC student

My name is Tatiana, and I am a geotechnical engineer from St. Petersburg, Russia. After completing my undergraduate studies, I started working professionally in the construction industry.


Through my work experience, I received some knowledge about conservation because of the few heritage projects I worked on, but I felt I needed a deeper knowledge of conservation to progress. For that reason, I started to look for an appropriate graduate program and came across the SAHC master program, which suited all my needs.


Since being here, I have realized further the importance that this education program has for my professional future. 


I have learned a lot of things so far, some of which have been absolutely new and exciting for me. For example, I had never dealt with earth construction before now, because it exists only in certain areas of my country. Also, since Russia has its own standards and methods that are used for construction, it is exciting for me to be introduced to different approaches.


Furthermore, going through some of the subjects, I have become aware of my interest in them and have even started to plan my future studies. Regarding the course that takes one year only, I can say that it is quite intensive and tests our limits and ability to deal with different situations.


In the meantime, it allows us to receive the necessary knowledge and understanding of the subjects. Studying in English is quite challenging for me as well, but it extends my boundaries at the same time.


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This year was quite difficult for everyone, and I also faced some problems, but my decision of coming here was absolutely right. I met a great number of interesting people who shared their knowledge and interests with me and me for further development. The knowledge I gained from other cultures allows me to think more broadly, especially in the case of looking for creative solutions. I am sure that my journey has just begun here and a lot of new possibilities are waiting for me.