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Latin America’s 5 Most Historic Buildings

1 January, 2019 3 min reading

Latin America’s 5 Most Historic Buildings

Latin America hides fabulous secrets and magical places that everyone should see at least once during their lifetime. 

This place of the world is constituted by several natural attractions and also by unique architectural beauties (many of them considered as World Heritage by UNESCO). This part of the ‘New World’ has plenty to offer in terms of historical architecture. Next, we’re going to present you the Latin America’s 5 Most Historic Building:

Machu Picchu, Peru

This is one of the most iconic places in the entire world and it remount to 15th-century. Machu Picchu was built on a top of a ridge, 2,500 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains. This place was abandoned before Spanish Conquest and remained unknown internationally until the 20th-century. It is in a process of reconstruction and preservation due to the abrasion suffered in the time in which it was abandoned. The Pyramid of Intihuatana, with large steps built into the slope of the mountain, and the spacious Main Plaza are the most recognized and visited places.

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest structure in the city of Teotihuacan and the first interesting fact is that Teotihuacan’s origins are a mystery. Having been built and abandoned more than 1000 years before the arrival of the Aztecs, there is only an estimate of when it will have been built – probably 100AD, and the completed structure stands at 75 meters, making the Pyramid of the Sun the third-largest pyramid in the world.

Santa María de Loreto, Chiloé, Chile

Located in in the town of Achao and made with wood, is one of the most known churches built in the Chiloé Archipelago. This church was distinguished by UNESCO for their unique blend of indigenous artisanal traditions with European Christian culture. The construction began in 1740 (making it the oldest church in Latin America) and local wood was the only material used in its construction.

Santuario de las Lajas, Colombia

This building is a neo-gothic church, that was built in Europe and transported to Colombia. The church is suspended between a river gorge with lush vegetation spilling in alongside the steep cliffs around it. Since the 18th-century this site received many pilgrims after reports of an apparition of the Virgin Mary at on one of the ‘lajas’ (flat stones that make up the gorge).

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal is a truly magnificent site, with stone ruins, scattered in the rainforest. It was a city populated by about 400 years where it is possible to find remnants of royal palaces, besides several smaller pyramids, palaces, residences, and several stone stelae and monuments. In the ruins it was also possible to find a detailed list of all the rulers of Tikal.

Adventure yourself and get to know the most beautiful and symbolic monuments of Latin America! It will worth!