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Tiwanaku: the Ruins of an Empire

27 January, 2019 3 min reading

Tiwanaku: the Ruins of an Empire

This pre-Columbian archaeological site is located in the department of La Paz in Bolivia and it’s one of the most important symbols of the Inca empire. This unique place combines a beautiful journey, ruins and mysticism.

The Mystery

There are many mysteries and theories about the place, which makes Tiwanaku one of the most important and intriguing civilizations in the world. Here everything is a mystery mainly because the civilization that inhabited this place did not know the written language.

The UNESCO Recognition

Tiwanaku is considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO, being administered by the Bolivian government. Many efforts have been made to make its appearance as similar as possible to the original, and nowadays Tiwanaku undergoes a slow process of restoration. 

However, despite being abandoned for a long time and having been sacked at the time of colonization, its conservation status is not bad at all.

Even Location is not appropriate

The place where Tiwanaku is is totally out of purpose: the region is so arid and lifeless, that it makes no sense for a megacity to have been built in that space. Some historians even consider that this place was part of the old continent of Atlantis (that disappeared).

The door of the sun and the door of the moon

The door of the sun is a stone monument with about 12 tons. It’s cracked at the top (believing it may have been a consequence of an earthquake). It has carved designs at the top, possibly forming a calendar. In the center, a figure holding a staff on each side, which seems to be crying. It is known as “The God Who Cries”.

The door of the moon it’s less desired than the door of the sun. The monument features sculpted animals such as pumas with fish head and some other mysteries.

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It’s incredible how many mysteries stones can hold, right?